Please refer to below Frequently Asked Questions.

However, if there are still queries that are not answered here, please call us, Whatsapp or email us.

What other questions do you have? Please let us know!

01. How do I make a booking?
You can call us, Whatsapp or email us. Alternatively, you can also use the online booking form.

02. How do I make payment?
You can pay Cash to the driver. Alternatively you can pay be Paypal Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer.

03. What if I need to cancel my booking after it is confirmed?
Bookings can be re-scheduled at least 24 hours before pick-up. If cancellation is needed, there is a cancellation charge of $40 SGD to cover for Admin costs.

04. What documents are needed for the customs clearance?
Your passport with more than 6 months validity is needed for custom clearance. Check your visa requirement if you are a foreigner.

05. If after the trip is started, can I make a detour back to pick-up left passport or other item?

There is a charge of additional $20 SGD if a detour back is needed after the journey has started.

06. Can I make a detour for additional pick-up or additional drop-off location?
There is a charge of $10 SGD for EACH additional pick-up or EACH additional drop-off point.

07. Is there extra charges if journey by 2nd link in Tuas?
There is no price difference if travel by Woodlands Causeway or 2nd Link in Tuas. We will normally travel by Woodlands Causeway. Travel by 2nd Link is used depending on your destination or if there is a massive traffic congestion in Woodsland Causeway.

08. What is the best time to travel to avoid traffic congestion?
Avoid peak periods between 5pm to 7pm in the evenings. Traffic will normally be heavy during weekends and holidays. Please cater sufficient travel time if there are traffic congestions.

09. How do I ensure my booking will be available on my required schedule?
Please book early or at least 3 days in advance to ensure your transport can be confirmed on your schedule.

10. Do the passengers need to alight when at the Johor customs immigration check-points?
Passengers need not alight at customs immigration check-points as our transport cars are considered private cars.

11. Do you provide receipts for the travel cost incurred?
Yes, we can email you receipts upon request. If you pay by Paypal or Credit Cards, there is a payment receipt generated. You can print out this receipt.

12. Is your transport business legally registered?
VIP Transport Service is managed by VIP Ventures Pte. Ltd. and is legally registered in Singapore. Reg. No: 202022937W.

13. What if I have a complaint, how can I make a complaint report?
Please use the Feedback Form to lodge your grievances or call us directly. We value your feedback and will strive to resolve all issues amicably. 

14. Is there a surcharge for waiting or delay in pick-up time?
Yes, there is a charge of $40 SGD per hour of waiting. If there is a change of pick-up time please call us early to avoid penalty.

15. I am located overseas, how can I make a booking?
You can call us, Whatsapp or email us. Alternatively, you  can also use the online booking form.

16. I am located overseas, how can I make make payment for a confirmed booking?
You can pay by Credit Card or online Bank Transfer. 

17. Is there a discount on the prices?
Our prices are fixed and is very reasonable for the comfortable and hassle free travel.

18. Can we request the driver for a "lunch stop" or "dinner stop"?
There is a surcharge of $40 SGD per hour of waiting time.

19. How early can you start picking up passengers?
We can start to pick-up passengers at pick-up point as  early as 6.00am. However, if you need to be picked up earlier please let us know early for us to find available drivers.

20. What is travelling time from Singapore to Johor?
The journey from Singapore to Johor city centre takes about 1.0 hours and about 1.5 hours to Legoland, Malaysia. The journey to Malacca takes about 3.5 hours and to Kuala Lumpur about 4.5 hours.


VIP Transport Service, in providing transport services to its clients, shall not be held responsible or liable for any acts, delays, accidents, losses, injuries, deaths, property damage or any direct or consequential damages resulting therefrom. Due care and personal responsibilities should be exercised at all times.