Steps to make a booking

 1.  Use the Car Booking Form, call us, or Whatsapp us to make your booking.

 2.  Fill up all required info (*) in the booking form.

 3.  Fill up Return Trip Date and Time only if booking is for 2-Ways.

 4.  You can only pay by Credit Card or Cash or Online Bank Transfer.

 5.  For Credit Card - Click on Paypal "Buy Now" button to proceed.

 6.  For Cash payment - Pay to the Driver.

 7.  Please follow the Price List or call us to confirm the payment amount.

 8.  Each additional pick-up or extra drop-off point costs $10 SGD.

 9.  Add the total cost and make your payment.

10. We will send confirmation email after your booking is made.

11. If you need to book 2 Cars, please make booking 2 times, once for each Car.

12. Book in advance to ensure car availability!


Fill up this Car Booking Form to book your Car